ASB Survey

Please complete this short, simple survey. We believe it is crucial to improving the situation for thousands of victims whose lives are blighted by anti-social behaviour and who do not know where to turn.

The voices of victims have for too long been sidelined. ASB Help wants to change that and put victims first. By gathering information of your and other’s experiences of reporting anti-social behaviour we can give victims collectively a louder voice both in your local area, and nationally, to get results and lobby for change.

The survey is completely anonymous but we do ask for your postcode so that we can identify which Police Force and which Local Authority has responsibility for addressing the anti-social behaviour you are experiencing. If you do not wish to give your full postcode, at least the first part (eg. YO1, B32) would be helpful as we seek to build up a picture of good and bad organisations across the country in this field.